Protect Endangered Species


“Endangered” launches at the Los Angeles Art Show Feb 5 – 9


WHAT: ENDANGERED is an inspirational protection campaign launching at the Los Angeles Art Show on Feb 5 through 9, showcasing fine art to help protect the world’s most endangered species. Taos, New Mexico Fine Art Gallery, Untitled Editions partners with global NGO’s to protect the world’s most imperiled species by leveraging the power of ART. This is the first of its kind with what few artists in this genre have attempted before now: to leverage the power of art while partnering with some of the world’s top conservation charities who are focused on protecting and preserving ecosystems, such as Acate, The Black Jaguar Foundation, Helping Rhinos, Cheetah Conservation Fund, Giraffe Conservation Fund, Monga Bay, Pachamama Allliance, The International Tiger Project and Tree Sisters. The campaign features Taos-based painter, Kimberly Webber’s work and that of other global artists who have painted many of these endangered animals, including lions, rhinos, tigers and jaguars

WHERE: Booth 1342


WHO: Taos-based painter Kimberly Webber has partnered with one of Silicon Valley’s top business advisors and philanthropists, Tom Eddington to harness the power of art, raise awareness and support the protection of endangered animals.


For more than 20 years, Kimberly Webber has painted images of animals and archetypal figures and donated a percentage of her proceeds to a wide variety of charities protecting animals, forests and wild habitats. Her work has had a global reach. In February 2019 she presented her work to Pope Francis in Vatican City.


“The blend of galleries, business, non-profits and artists supporting this cause serves as a template to inspire humanity to collaborate toward workable climate solutions.The reaction from the NGOs has been overwhelming,” says Tom Eddington. “They are ready to roll up their sleeves to wholeheartedly support this campaign. We are currently confirming additional support from multiple galleries, which will be announced later this year.”


MORE:  70% of the sale price will be donated to ENDANGERED’s partner NGOs, with the goal of raising $1.5 million for each NGO over the span of several years – a combined total of $28 million in donations will be raised using the power of art to protect our world’s most endangered animal brethren.

The initial collection includes original paintings and 18 exclusive archival museum prints that will tour as an exhibition to partner galleries around the world. The Dedicated Editions are available as a box set as well as individual prints

Additional funds will be raised through a special edition line of greeting cards, calendars and other items, all of which will feature the fine art images.


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