Climate change is destroying our Planet and the biodiversity essential to life. If we restore the climate but lose biodiversity, we’ve failed. ENDANGERED is an Inspirational campaign focused on harnessing the power of fine art to help protect and support the world’s endangered species.


We’re partnering with some of the most high-profile and global charities to sell Dedicated Editions of museum quality prints to raise awareness and essential funding to protect endangered species. With the devastating fires that burned in Australia and the Amazon last year, the Endangered Species Act in the USA under continued threat, and the increase in poaching and starvation occurring because of the response to COVID-19, the ENDANGERED campaign is critical to survival and regeneration.


70% of the sale price of the Dedicated Editions will go directly to the partner charities committed to protecting endangered species.


Our mission is to awaken public awareness. It is a meditation that begins within us. As artists we have produced images of these animals that become the currency for their survival. By bringing awareness to this imminent threat to the animals and humanity, our group consciousness connects and expands. We are committed to a planet that protects and supports all species while providing beautiful art that honors and provides for them.


We must honor, protect and have reverence for nature and do all that we can to eliminate the threat of extinction. Our global collective is working together for this cause of profound importance. The blend of Galleries, business, non profits and art can inspire humanity and result in a breakthrough with a clear message of hope and beauty to help turn the tide for all life.”


Our nonprofit partners include:


Acate www.acateamazon.org

Black Jaguar Foundation www.black-jaguar.org

The Black Mambas www.helpingrhinos.org/black-mambas

Blue Ventures www.blueventures.org

Cheetah Conservation Fund www.cheetah.org

Giraffe Conservation Fund www.giraffeconservation.org

Live Monarch www.livemonarch.com

Monga Bay www.mongabay.org

Pachamama Alliance www.pachamama.org

University of Wisconsin-Madison  www.arboretum.wisc.edu

International Tiger Project www.tiger.org.au

Treesisters www.treesisters.org

Our Dedicated Editions Portfolio

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